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Podcast Support, Advertising, Sales and Marketing Services

Creating and Running A Podcast is a lot of work. Sure, I have seen the advertisements for solo Podcasting Classes and Advice and whatnot. But, if you are into Production; you know it is a lot of work.

If you are interested in understanding more fully all the work required to professionally produce a Podcast, please check out this White Paper.

There is Recording, Editing, Advertising, Sales and Marketing and Community Management. There is Guest Research and Booking. We both know the list goes on and on...

Podcast Guest Research and Booking

Maybe one of the most challenging aspects of producing and hosting a Podcast is finding people to interview and getting them booked.

Making sure that the booking is secured and verified and even having back up plans in case something goes wrong.

Preparing them for the Interview and helping them feel at ease once you hit record. We do this with you and for you.

Podcast Sales and Marketing

Unless you are already allocating a budget to produce your Podcast from a Trust Fund or Marketing Department; you need to make money from it.

You need to find ways of getting your Podcast in front of your Audience and Growing your Audience.

You need to find ways of bringing a Return on your Investment. We help you do this.

Podcast Community Management

By now you have figured out that you are building a community of listeners. And, someone either yourself or your designated representatives have to interact with them.

Gone are the days when you can just post something on a Social Media Platform and have everyone see it, like it and share it.

You need someone to manage your community with you. We do that.

The Redeemable Media Portfolio. (Opens Link to a New Site)

If you would like to hear my Remix of the Inaugural Episode of the Mahoning Valley Podcast first Produced in November of 2016, please visit Soundcloud here. I am also responsible for doing all the Episodes of the Good Underground Radio Show in conjunction with Western Reserve Digital Radio. That was in 2019. And yes, I did all the Voices and Writing for all the Episodes. I also curated the Music on the Show.

Redeemable Media is your Support Staff.

Anything you can think of to help your Podcast reach its potential, most likely we are willing and able to get it done cost effectively.

We are proudly partnered with and an affiliate of Squadcast. The very best solution for Remote Podcast Recording on the Planet. We are also partnered with and an affiliate of Alitu. Alitu takes all the effort out of editing and publishing your Podcast Recordings.