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Sonic Brand Consulting and Production


Your Voice. Your Brand. Your Life.

Everyone and every Organization has it's own unique voice and sound. Sonic Branding is essential in today's world if you want to reach anyone with Digital. 

Maybe you need a jingle. Yes, Jingles are still extremely valuable ear worms that keep you top of mind when it comes to Consumers. And wonderfully accommodating to people's attention span.

Maybe you need Audio Produced for Digital Advertising. Or Video Production. It is all about you and your Company or Organization. 

A Sonic Branding Strategy creates that consistent voice that sets you apart from the cacophony of noise in our modern world.

Where are you in your journey to find your unique voice?

If you would like to hear my Remix of the Inaugural Episode of the Mahoning Valley Podcast first Produced in November of 2016, please visit Soundcloud here.  I am also responsible for doing all the Episodes of the Good Underground Radio Show in conjunction with Western Reserve Digital Radio.  That was in 2019. And yes, I did all the Voices and Writing for all the Episodes. I also curated the Music on the Show.

Redeemable Media LLC listens.

Anything you can think of to help you find, produce, and communicate your Voice  and  reach its potential, most likely we are willing and able to get it done cost effectively.

I am a now a member of the Pod People Production Talent Pool. Visit us for any Podcast related tasking.

We are proudly partnered with and an affiliate of Squadcast. The very best solution for Remote Podcast Recording on the Planet.  We are also partnered with and an affiliate of Alitu. Alitu takes all the effort out of editing and publishing your Podcast Recordings.