Who Am I?

Great Question Really is it not?

Where do I start?

I could start at the beginning. But, that is a lot of reading. Let's say we start at Prodigy. To quote the Article in Wikipedia, "In 1994, Prodigy became the first of the early-generation dialup services to offer full access to the World Wide Web and to offer Web page hosting to its members. Since Prodigy was not a true Internet service provider, programs that needed an Internet connection, such as Internet Explorer and Quake multiplayer, could not be used with the service. Prodigy developed its own web browser, but it compared poorly to other mainstream browsers in features."

That is about the time I subscribed to Prodigy. Although, I did not start building Web Pages until much later. Initially, I would use some email, subscribe to some bulletin boards, and play this interesting Sim Game that involved business building. I have been online trying new things ever since.

Where did it lead?

Eventually, I started using the Internet to make some money. Not much, but some. How? You may ask...

Fast Forward to 2004. I started offering items for sale on EBay at first. I would go dumpster diving and when I found something I thought I could sell, I would list it. I did manage to sell a few things. And, it whet my appetite for using this Internet thingie to earn money. I started offering Search Engine Optimized Press Releases on Ebay. And, amazingly, I sold a few. In fact, it caught on. Here, the Internet Archive (non-secure link) shows some of the other Companies who got into the Act.

If you prefer not to follow links to unsecured content, (always a good practice) check out this screenshot.

Where am I now?

Right here. Building this webpage to help you understand the depth of experience I have. It is a lot. I have experience in business administration and sales. I have experience using the Internet to network across a number of different Social Media Platforms. I have experience Producing and Recording Podcasts and Digital Radio. I have experience and education in terms of Communication Strategies and Public Relations. I have experience Editing and Post Production in Audio. I also have built out Digital Brands. Managed Accounts. Performed Basic SEO. Curated and sustained moderate Social Media Followings in a completely Organic Fashion. Managing Facebook Pages. And, apparently some basic Website Design.

Why does it matter?

For one thing, when you talk to me about Podcasting; it is likely you will not have to try to figure out some way to explain what you are talking about.

In fact, if you are discussing Sound Editing, Guest Management or Interviewing, Listener Demographics or Analytics, Podcast Monetization or Distribution, or most anything else in the English Language; I can probably figure out what you are talking about.

Does that seem somewhat prejudicial? It is not really. It is simply a matter of letting you know that I am based in the United States and have spoken English all my life. That saves us a lot of time when it comes to deciding how best your Production can be served.

What kind of person am I?

I could go on and on about this. But, would you really believe it one way or the other? So let's do it this way. Recently, I completed a Personality DNA Assessment. Wow, it was fun. OK, maybe not that much. But I am willing to share it with you.

Where can I find you?

Call me at ‪(330) 942-0575‬ so we can talk about it.

OK. Maybe you don't like using the telephone. You can find me online. Big Surprise huh?

Facebook. And another Facebook Page. Twitter. Linkedin. And, of course; some other places like Soundcloud. Yeah, I actually started the Soundcloud Account with the Mahoning Valley Podcast. I did that for a while. In fact, I was so into it, I actually created an Internet Archive. And a Blog for it. Pinterest. Oh my gosh, where did they find that picture of me? Instagrammatical. As it turns out there are two of those instaaccounts. Yeah, those last two aren't real places online that I know of. But, let's say you are smart like me. You know what I mean. And although I am not too quick to admit it, I even have a MySpace.

You may be thinking. Wow, this guy has way too much free time. But, what if you reframed that into, Wow, this guy has a pretty good distribution network to help me build my Podcast Brand? I am guessing you will be calling.

Think about it for a minute. Do you want to go looking for ways to build your Podcast's Brand? Or, do you want someone who can tell your Story on Cowbird? Or, there on Alignable? Or, even arrange to get your Podcast uploaded on Mixcloud. Or possibly even host it myself on Podbean to make sure it gets distributed properly.

In case you are interested in using Search Engine Optimized Press Releases to market your Podcast Brand; here are some ideas for you! Lowdown on Press Release Optimization (toprankblog.com) Oh yeah, look for my comment dated, October 6, 2006. It still makes sense.